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February 26, 2008

If I watch too long, my eyes will fall out.

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Okay, so I’m about 2 weeks back into Netflix and had a good viewing pace going until poor planning on my part and what seemed to be slow transit on the USPS’s part brought things to a halt.  While I wait for more discs to view, I’ll assess what I’ve gotten through so far:

Mutual Appreciation : Great music, crap movie.  Filming this in black and white does not make it “artsy”, it just makes it “lame”.  Slow, slow, tedious junk.  The Bishop Allen music is really good, though.

Pride Shockwave 2004: This is the first PRIDE event I’ve ever watched beginning to end, and I was very impressed.  Mark Hunt is my new hero after his fight against Wanderlei Silva.  There’s some great stuff on here and most DVD remotes have “chapter ahead” buttons for the Giant Silva fight.

Me and You and Everyone We Know:  Sadly, I will never have these 91 minutes back in my life.  Gratuitous, tedious, lazy crap.  I was surprised that Parker Posey didn’t show up at some point.

Burn to Shine: Washington, DC 1/14/04:  If you’re not familiar with the BTS DVDs, here’s the scoop: there’s a house set for demolition that is donated to the fire department for firefighting training.  The day before the fire, hipsters congregate and put together a who’s-who of indie rock to play one song each.  I’d only seen the Chicago edition before yesterday, which I enjoyed immensely.  The Washington one is pretty ehh – good, but not great. 

Ted Leo and Bob Mould are two of my favorites and both turn in nice solo performances (“Bleeding Powers” and “Hoover Dam”, respectively) but they’re pretty paint-by-numbers.  In fact, that’s my complaint about the whole thing – none of it is too terribly far off from listening to a studio CD version of these songs.  Q And Not U (“X-Polynation”) is a little more spastic than normal but that’s not necessarily a good thing.  The French Toast song (“Insane”) is probably my favorite track on the whole thing, and the Evens track (“Mount Pleasant Isn’t”) sits at the other end of the spectrum, which is a disappointment as much as I like the Evens. 

The King of Kong : What a wonderful film.  This is a documentary look at the world of classic arcade gaming, specifically the battle between Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe for the all-time high score in Donkey Kong.  This could’ve come off as really dry if in the hands of others – instead, it’s done in a very fun manner and the characters just lend themselves to this sort of thing, especially the eminently unlikeable Billy Mitchell.  Cannot recommend enough.

I’ve got three discs at home to watch, so I’ll have more to report on soon.  If you have suggestions, feel free to share.  Next up, I will thrill you with my thoughts on the recent contents of my DVR. 


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