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March 17, 2008

More Movies and Weekend Miscellany

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It’s 2:44 PM and I’m very, very sick of fake Irish accents.

Let’s get caught up on what I’ve been watching (aside from hours and hours of DVR’ed Cash in the Attic):

Live Free or Die Hard: I was up until about 4:15 Sunday morning watching this and can’t decide whether it was worth losing sleep over.  It was fun for the most part, but the believability certainly was a bit lacking.  I was quite relieved when it finally occurred to me that the good hacker is the guy from the Mac commercials.  That was bugging me.

LoudQUIETloud:  This documentary about the Pixies reunion was nice but nothing earthshattering.  I did enjoy seeing David Lovering in his new life as a stage magician.  I need to investigate the Martinis, Joey Santiago’s project with his wife.  Sounded good. 

Hell House:  Creepy documentary about the ultra-Christian haunted houses that demonstrate the dangers of rock music, abortion, booze, drugs, raves and (from what I could tell) the Internet.  I think watching this has pretty much satisfied my curiosity and stopped me from any chance of checking one of these out in person just for the experience. 

Eastern Promises: This was pretty eh.  I think the good reviews I was given were mostly due to Viggo fighting in the buff, so I see how they missed the actual not-so-goodness of the movie.  Viggo’s accent is pretty bad.  I hated the ending but there’s some good stuff in there.  Worth watching.

War: I like Jet Li.  I like Jason Statham a lot.  This movie is terrible.  Do not watch.

Southern Discomfort: This is a documentary from the early 2000’s about pro rasslin in the U.S. south.  Good stuff – the fans are just awesome.  This is what wrestling is all about.  The best line is when a local is asked why he goes to see the shows and he replies, “I go to see the stars, like the Iron Sheik and Bob Jackson, not some jerk off the street.”  He obviously has a keen eye for talent.  Bonus points for Bob Armstrong wrestling at the age of 94.

Other nuggets and tidbits:

  • I picked up the Shout Out Louds record on Saturday and highly recommend it.  Really fun stuff.
  • I have no idea why anyone would go to Qdoba as long as there is a Chipotle within 50 miles.
  • UCLA is going to win the NCAA tournament.
  • I am hungry and tired.
  • If offered an Irish Pride cocktail, do not accept it.  Irish whiskey, half & half and creme de menthe are not meant to be mixed. 

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