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September 26, 2008

Haters, appreciate.

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This is just an amazing piece of news. 


I love the fact that people didn’t Google “ronaldo” or “cristiano ronaldo” or “ronaldo united” or “ronaldo man u” but “I HATE RONALDO”. 

The fire!  The passion!  The hate!


September 2, 2008

Oh, to be in Minnesota.

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August 21, 2008

Life can be so fleeting.

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This is perhaps the best personal ad I’ve ever seen:

It was you and I and it felt as if it was only you and I there on the street waiting for the bus. We sat semi close to one another and kept exchanging smiles. Then the bus got into a accident and they rushed you to the hospitol and thats the last time I saw you. So if your still living contact me so we can do lunch sometime.

May 21, 2008

Bourdain is much easier on Guy Fieri than I.

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I absolutely love this quote, both because I love the Poochie episode and I hate Guy Fieri.  You have to be a real douchebag to sit down at a TGIF and dig into some crap meal with wristbands on, commercial or not.

TVGuide.com: Guy Fieri maybe?
Guy Fieri… did you ever see the Simpsons episode where it’s decided that Itchy and Scratchy need a sidekick? So a committee gets together and they invent one called Poochie…. Guy Fieri kind of looks like he’s been designed by committee.

March 27, 2008

I think there’s room for both, really.

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Whoopie pies.

Whoopie Pies vs. Cupcakes

I need to emphasize the most wonderful words any of us will hear or read all day: “red velvet whoopie pies”. 

Quote of the Day, 3/18/2008

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From a random poster on the Football365.com forums, in regards to the McCartney/Mills settlement: 

regardless of what she said in the court case, if id just been given almost 25 million quid for doing little more than sucking an aging rock star’s chopper every so often, i wouldnt be whining in the media, Id be diving into a swimming pool filled with money Scrooge McDuck style.

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